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7 – Supply Chain Cybersecurity Threats with Patrick Sweeney

The supply chain only works if there is trust between and within the channel. This week Patrick Sweeney, President & CEO at Area 1 Security, joins “The Holtz Story" to discuss how the supply chain is uniquely vulnerable to cyber-attacks and what must happen to ensure its viability.

In this episode, you'll hear Patrick and Tracy discuss the supply chain's reliance on email and how it is the soft underbelly of our communications. Patrick points out that most cyber solutions started as an expansion of SPAM prevention and today that approach isn't good enough. He points out how the growing complexity of threats and the need to match the protection to the platform.

Listen in as Tracy and Patrick discuss this growing complexity, how trust equals vulnerability, and the toolbox partners must have to address it. Patrick points out how you have to go beyond code detonation and detection of malintent and take a preemptive view of the entire threat landscape.

Tracy and Patrick discuss how channel partners need to protect their own house first. It isn't about what the bad actor gets from the channel partner, but the hit a breach has on their reputation and its longer-term impact on their business.

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7 – Supply Chain Cybersecurity Threats with Patrick Sweeney