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27 – VMware & Market Update

Victor Monga, a Senior Technical Architect for the Network & Advanced Security Business Group at VMware, joins The Holtz Story to discuss today's market and what is happening with VMware. Victor's experience in Healthcare, Aerospace, and the Department of Defense (DoD) has given him an in-depth understanding of specific industry needs.

The podcast opens with Tracy and Victor discussing how much has changed through and after the pandemic. Victor points out that remote work changed how enterprise leadership views security and workspace solutions. He also adds that partners play an increasingly important role in enterprise success. They also discuss how some companies put band-aids in place for remote work and now wish they had taken a longer-term approach.

Tracy and Victor discuss the application of a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and the challenges companies have faced in integrating it into their cloud infrastructures. Later in the podcast, Victor and Tracy discuss VMware Explore and topics being discussed between peers, co-workers, partners, and customers. These conversations included Zero-Trust and a security-first mindset.

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27 – VMware & Market Update