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28 – WatchGuard & The State of Cybersecurity Today

Mark Romano, Senior Director of Worldwide Channel Programs and Field Engagement at WatchGuard, joins “The Holtz Story" to discuss the state of cybersecurity today. 

The podcast opens with a discussion of WatchGuard’s Internet Security Report and some current trends, including increases in ransomware and malware. Tracy and Mark discuss the need for multiple layers of security and the focus on Zero Trust. Mark shares how the acquisition of Panda Security is helping WatchGuard with Zero Trust. He also shares some of his thoughts about WatchGuard’s acquisition strategy. 

The conversation shifts to MSP needs. WatchGuard is paying close attention to the needs of MSPs such as SOC and detection and response. Tracy and Mark also discuss how MSSPs are working with MSPs to evolve their service offerings. 

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the talent gap, burnout, and the need to develop more talent.

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Mark Romano
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28 – WatchGuard & The State of Cybersecurity Today