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8 – Return to the Normal with Frank Rauch of Check Point Software

We welcome back Frank Rauch, Head of Worldwide Channel Sales at Check Point Software, to “The Holtz Story" to discuss what’s happening as we return to normal and recent developments with the Biden cybersecurity initiative.

The world is starting to unknot, everyone is going out to restaurants, taking vacations, and we’re starting to go out to partners and customers.  We might not be back to normal yet, but we’ve taken a big step and it feels great! We can’t wait to see you at live events soon. Listen in as Frank shares what Check Point is doing as they deal with employees returning to offices worldwide.  

Smart buildings, smart offices, smart businesses are increasing attack surfaces, and cyberattacks have escalated in both quantity and sophistication. Check Point and its partners are moving towards Zero-Trust models and deploying Gen 5 and 6 solutions to protect employees and their businesses.

In this episode, Frank and Tracy also discuss the Biden Cybersecurity Executive Order. Frank shares how Check Point is aligning with the order and how important it is for the country. It might be your electricity or 911 service next, we need to protect our critical infrastructure.

This episode is packed with great conversation with one of the industry’s most informed channel leaders. We hope you enjoy the show. Please don’t forget to share it with colleagues and remember to subscribe using
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8 – Return to the Normal with Frank Rauch of Check Point Software