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9 – The Cybersecurity Evolving Landscape with Tim Erlin of Tripwire

This week Tim Erlin, Vice President of Product Management and Strategy at Tripwire, joins “The Holtz Story" to discuss the movement of employees back to the office, OT and IT convergence, the future direction of Tripwire, and even the Biden Administration’s executive order on cybersecurity. 

Listen in as Tim points out that almost every company is part of a supply chain, and they need to recognize their impact on other organizations. How IT/OT convergence is accelerating and increasing the number of CISOs responsible for OT environments. 

Tracy and Tim also discuss channel partners and what they need to be doing now.  How important enablement and solutions consulting is to their success. The need to help partners focus more on the business and less on technology.

Tim also discusses where Tripwire is headed as a company. How Industrial and Cloud are growth areas with both needing what Tripwire is known for; integrity monitoring, policy compliance, and added security controls. The challenge of siloed behavior by LOB users going to the cloud or industrial without IT and the security controls in place.

As the conversation shifts to the White House Executive Order, Tim expresses concern about the exception process, and how some of the changes are being mandated, and how they will funnel down into commercial markets. 

This is an information-packed show, and we hope you enjoy it. Please share it with colleagues and remember to subscribe using your favorite podcast platform (I.e., iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, etc.).

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9 – The Cybersecurity Evolving Landscape with Tim Erlin of Tripwire