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10 – The Anywhere Workforce with Dan Brodeur of VMware

This week Dan Brodeur Senior Director at VMware Security joins “The Holtz Story" to discuss the anywhere workforce. Dan and Tracy cover a lot of ground in this podcast, moving from the hybrid working environments to zero trust, and the impact on the vendors, customers, and partners.

Listen in as Dan and Tracy discuss how we're not going back to the way things were, and the future will be more of a hybrid environment with more work from home than in the past. Employee retention and the need for flexibility are driving this model.

Breaches and malware attacks are increasing, and VMware sees customers and partners moving to a more holistic zero trust strategy. Customers need security platforms to be easier, creating a pivot in the industry to all-in-one platforms by the vendors.

Dan and Tracy segue to how customers are focusing on the user experience. Ease of use is becoming critical as it helps avoid misconfiguration, which has been at the root of many breaches.

MSPs and MSSPs are VMware's fastest-growing route to market. Dan talks about how partners are adding proactive services like compliance advisory to their solutions' portfolios. He also sees the combination of SD-WAN, Edge Computing, Container, and Workload security creating an even more significant opportunity for channel partners.

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10 – The Anywhere Workforce with Dan Brodeur of VMware