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6 – Current Trends & Future Outlook from a Security Perspective for 2021

With the news filled with the latest cybersecurity breaches, it's time to step back and look at where we are and where we're going. This week Jon Bove, Vice President of Channel Sales at Fortinet, joins “The Holtz Story" to discuss current trends and what the future looks like from a cybersecurity perspective.

In this episode, Jon talks about how point solutions are no longer viable and the need for participation at every level of the attack surface. As Jon says, “the cheese is moving every day, and bad actors are getting more aggressive,” he urges everyone to be more diligent. Jon also points out that insurance companies are starting to require more diligence from those they underwrite.

Listen in as Tracy and Jon Bove discuss how the changing threat landscape impacts channel partners. They discuss how partners who had already shifted rapidly to deal with Work from Home now have capacity issues dealing with the “lift and shift” to the cloud. Jon shares the talent challenge and some of Fortinet’s creative solutions for dealing with it. They also discuss the changing role of Channel Account Managers.

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6 – Current Trends & Future Outlook from a Security Perspective for 2021