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5 – SOC as a Service & the Evolving MSP with Lamon Gorman

With the recent Colonial Pipeline breach capturing the nation’s attention, MSPs find themselves under a microscope. Many MSPs are struggling to keep up with the rising threat landscape, new technologies, and people shortage in cybersecurity. This week Lamon Gorman, Director Service Provider Channel at Trend Micro, joins “The Holtz Story” to talk about SOC (Security Operations Center) as a Service and its appeal to MSPs, and what MSPs must be doing now. In this episode, Lamon shares that he sees people as the most significant challenge MSPs face in ramping up cybersecurity offerings. There simply aren’t enough, and when you invest in training and certification, they often leave for greener pastures. This market dynamic is making SOC as a Service attractive to MSPs. When it comes to SOC as a Service, vendors offer two paths: “do it for you” and “do it with you.” Tracy and Lamon explore the merits of these paths for today’s MSPs. Listen in as Tracy and Lamon talk about the difference in MSP approaches to cybersecurity services and how some progressive MSPs are looking to add an “S” and become MSSPs, while others are looking for vendors to fill the void. Hear how the old days of installing anti-virus and firewalls has evolved into over eight hundred distinct offerings to navigate, and the challenges this presents to MSPs. We hope you enjoy the show. Please share it with colleagues and remember to subscribe using your favorite podcast platform (I.e., iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, etc.).

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5 – SOC as a Service & the Evolving MSP with Lamon Gorman