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4 – CyberSecurity & Women in Tech with Kathleen Curry

The recent Solar Winds and Microsoft Exchange hacks remind us that the cybersecurity threat level is high and accelerated. This week Kathleen Curry, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Channels, OEM & Strategic Alliances at McAfee joins “The Holtz Story” to talk about what’s happening in cybersecurity, and she also shares her journey as a woman in Tech as we continue celebrating Women’s History Month.

Although news of big security breaches is good for cybersecurity software adoption, Kathleen believes a more proactive and centralized approach is needed. Companies are waking up and realizing they can’t just rely on their cloud providers to handle security. They must also act on their own, especially at the end-point level.

Listen in as Kathleen Curry and your host Tracy Holtz discuss the cybersecurity landscape, how the global pandemic changed how we work and where bad actors focus and then transition into a conversation about being women in the Tech industry.

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4 – CyberSecurity & Women in Tech with Kathleen Curry