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24 – Current Channel Trends with Janet Schijns

Janet Schijns, CEO & Co-Founder of JS Group, joins The Holtz Story to discuss trends in the channel. Janet offers wisdom gained from building, optimizing and evangelizing channel programs and go-to-market strategies for over two decades.

Our podcast opens with Janet and Tracy discussing the level of investment in the channel, both in consolidation and buildouts, how this is creating new pressures and the urgent need for new talent. The podcast then segues into how the channel sees more partner-to-partner collaboration to fill gaps and the increased involvement of non-transactional partners.

The conversation shifts to where vendors and partners need to focus now. Janet recommends that partners concentrate on training and enablement to fill the talent gap, improve digital marketing, and retain customers and their people. These suggestions lead to a conversation about the growing talent gap in the channel, what tech companies need to do to close it, and the role older workers are playing in it.

The podcast closes with a discussion on the evolving needs of customers and channel partners and the role distributors are playing in this evolution.

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24 – Current Channel Trends with Janet Schijns