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23 – Introducing Trellix & Discussing Cybersecurity Trends

In this episode of the Holtz Story, Britt Norwood, SVP of global channels and commercial at Trellix, discusses the latest trends in cybersecurity threats.

The podcast opens with a discussion about the driving force behind the recent influx of ransomware attacks. The ransomware attack in Ukraine is one of the most recent incidents. Norwood indicates we’re already seeing copycat attacks, and the pervasiveness of ransomware is only getting worse.

Customers are desperate for new ways to detect breaches before they enter their business. Customers know attacks will continue, and compliance isn’t the only path forward. Addressing emerging threats is made even more difficult by the skills shortage in cybersecurity and not having enough people to troubleshoot and automate detection and response.

The conversation then shifts towards Trellix, the merging of McAfee and FireEye, how it came together, and what it means to customers. Norwood indicates it is going to be about learning and adapting (bringing together AI & ML), being native and open, and using the telemetry of a billion sensors to identify threats faster and more intelligently.

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23 – Introducing Trellix & Discussing Cybersecurity Trends