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22 – Trends in Cybersecurity Threats and Solutions

On this episode of the Holtz Story, Tanja Omeragic, Technical Sales Manager and cybersecurity subject matter expert at ConnectWise, joins the Holtz Story to discuss the latest trends in cybersecurity threats and solutions. 

A staggering 72% of MSPs report security incidents with clients, and cybercriminals are now targeting MSPs to reach their customers. These “Buffalo Jump Attacks” are causing MSPs to heighten their security knowledge and spend more time focusing on security.

The conversation then shifts towards remote workers and the increased risk of data breaches with this new level of work flexibility. Tanja explains that it is essential for many IT professionals to keep up patch management, keep an inventory and keep up with vendors to combat these risks. Tanja then discusses ConnectWise’s CRU (Cyber Research Unit) as a solution for end customers.

The conversation moves to cloud integration and cloud solutions. Tanja explains the need for full transparency. Security is not simply one solution but rather a team sport consisting of education, risk assessment, and visibility. She describes some changes that ConnectWise has made in regards to cloud security.

The conversation ends with a discussion about EDR and the need for education around EDR. Tanja discusses a solution of coupling EDR with a SOC service and bringing it to the SMB market. She dives further into education about endpoint security.

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22 – Trends in Cybersecurity Threats and Solutions