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25 – A Bird’s Eye View of Cybersecurity

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Vice President, Field CISO Strategic Services at Fortinet, joins The Holtz Story to discuss the latest solutions in cloud cybersecurity. Jonathan brings extensive experience working with global enterprises and nation-states and is responsible for developing innovative security solutions with partners at Fortinet.

This podcast opens with a discussion of emerging cybersecurity threats. Jonathan discusses how threats are similar to last year but have grown in complexity and sophistication. In fact, 99% of vulnerabilities exploited at organizations were known vulnerabilities for at least a year beforehand. The challenges are a lack of integration, automation, and visibility. 

The conversation concludes with a discussion of what comes next. We’re moving to more distributed, cloud-connected platforms, and it all needs to be frictionless. Jonathan and Tracy discuss how partners will become the key to this, but they need to move up the value chain and become the customer’s trusted advisor. 

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25 – A Bird’s Eye View of Cybersecurity