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18 – Protecting Your People, Data, and Infrastructure with Zero Trust

Paul Mezzera, Vice President of Strategy at Saviynt, joins The Holtz Story to discuss protecting your people, data, and infrastructure with Zero Trust. 

This episode opens with a discussion on the future of Identity Management (IM). Paul points out that there are too many devices and files to have people looking at logs. We now need machine learning to figure out what people need, want and have the rights to access. 

As the conversation shifts to Zero-Trust, Paul discusses that it’s not a one-time solution or project, but more of a mindset of questioning access. Tracy and Paul discuss how you always need to be revisiting access rights, understand your risk and focus on high-value opportunities.

The conversation touches on the skills gap, and the need to get more business skills involved in IM and security. IM relies on people who can interface with other people within an organization.

As the discussion turns to the future of Saviynt, Paul says he sees the company focusing on enablement: making configurations and workflows easier to get up and running to show value quicker, making the UX more business-friendly and processing information with machine learning. 

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18 – Protecting Your People, Data, and Infrastructure with Zero Trust