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19 – Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Trends & Solutions

HoJin Kim, VP of Worldwide Channels, and Kayvon Sadeghi, Executive Director of Product Marketing at SonicWall join The Holtz Story to discuss the latest solutions in cloud cybersecurity.

This podcast opens with a discussion of cloud cybersecurity trends. The SonicWall team shares they’re seeing people move from on-prem to the cloud and looking for a transitional plan to help move to the new environment. Customers are looking for edge security, cloud security, and simplified management.

The conversation then turns towards partner enablement. Partners and customers are asking about cloud security and want to know how to get it in place and manage it. The SonicWall team points out that most of the partners are SMBs and so are their customers. SMBs are looking for simplicity and flexibility. For example, they want different architectures for different environments, such as appliances for remote offices or virtual environments for the cloud.

The conversation ends with a discussion of SonicWall’s midyear threat report, which shows malware declining and ransomware & IoT surging. There is a significant increase in ransomware in NA and EMEA, and cybercriminals are getting more targeted. Tracy points out that the threat report is a great way to understand what is happening.

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19 – Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Trends & Solutions