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A podcast where tech leaders discuss the biggest trends and challenges in cybersecurity. Brought to you by Tech Data, one of the world’s largest technology distributors.

20 – Protecting What’s Now & What’s Next

Frank Lento, Managing Director in Cisco’s Global Security Sales Organization and Global Head of the Global Security Sales Partner at Cisco joins The Holtz Story to discuss the latest solutions in cloud cybersecurity.

This podcast opens with a discussion of the change from looking at cybersecurity as a technology stack to seeing it more as a strategy. The conversation then shifts to how attack vectors are changing due to the change in the way we work.

Companies are now looking at architectures such as SASE to address new exposure planes. Traditionally, architectures only had to deal with a single-threaded backhaul, the data center. Now we have multiple access points to connect to the Internet or to the corporate environment.

We’ve moved from business continuity to business resiliency environment. Even if the environment is up and running, it needs to be secure and protected. Business Continuity focused on VPN, MFA, and firewall. Where business resiliency is now focusing on the platform of architecture in total.

The discussion shifts to Zero Trust which has heightened visibility due to the threat attack vectors that are out there today. Protecting a business requires a more comprehensive security platform, so the focus is on continual trust. Frank adds that we see customers moving to having that secure environment across the entire architecture, not just individual points within it.

Frank shares how the Cisco security portfolio is evolving to ensure a comprehensive security architecture and solution set. He discusses acquisitions and shares Cisco’s focus on four key areas: network, user endpoint, cloud edge, and application.

The conversation concludes with Frank and Tracy discussing how Cisco and Tech Data are working together to make sure partners and customers deal with the necessity for a strong security posture, and how they enable partners to be knowledgeable and sell across the entire platform.

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20 – Protecting What’s Now & What’s Next