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17 – IBM on Security with William Crane

William “Chip” Crane, Cybersecurity Executive Advisor Public and Federal Markets at IBM, joins The Holtz Story to discuss IBM’s security activities and solutions.

This podcast starts with a discussion around finding the balance between having the right data, questions, and tools. This leads to a discussion about IBM Cloud Pack for Security, and Chip provides an excellent executive overview of how it came together and integrates with other solutions in the market.

The conversation transitions to IBM’s AI and ML initiatives. Chip discusses how they started with Watson Security, and then took MSSP threat intelligence feeds from the X-Force research labs. They’re now seeing over 75 billion events per day, which require AI and enable rapid learning. 

Like most of today’s cybersecurity conversations, we touch on Zero Trust. Chip shares how IBM does a workshop on Zero Trust, helping executives identify what it is and what needs to be done. Customers usually start with a lot of the components in place, and the workshop helps them identify and plan to fill the gaps.

The podcast concludes with a discussion of Cyber Ranges, and how both Tech Data and IBM have made big investments in this area. The Cyber Ranges allow customers to learn and react from a real threat experience.

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17 – IBM on Security with William Crane